As Guney Orman we manufacture and supply forest products, forestry products, chipboards, melamine coated chipboards, high gloss panels, timber cover panels, wood panels, panels, hardwoods, parquets, doors, pvcs, pylwoods, plyboards, hardware products, wooden doors, industrial timber covers, natural timber covers, forest product, forestry product, chipboard, melamine coated chipboard, high gloss panel, timber cover panel, wood panel, panel, hardwood, parquet, door, pvc, pylwood, plyboard, hardware product, wooden door, industrial timber cover, natural timber cover... Starting its business life with selling of forest products and construction materials in Istanbul in 1973 Haci ISMAIL BUYUK, established his company under the name of ISMAIL BUYUK in Besyuzevler district of Gaziosmanpasa province. Company’s name was changed as BUYUKOGULLARI IND. TRA. INC. CO. by sons of Haci ISMAIL BUYUK after taking over the works from him, SALIH BUYUK, AHMET BUYUK, M. ZIYA BUYUK and SELAMI BUYUK. Starting to manufacture lumber in Arnavutkoy district of Gaziosmanpasa province in 1984, BUYUKOGULLARI SAN. TIC. A. S. established its first lumber mill. In 1896 company doubled up its structure and production by developing itself and establishing its second Sarigazi lumber mill. Company relocated its factories near its cental office after being active untill 1993 which are stated in Besyuzevler district. Manufacturing and selling only lumbers untill the date of 1993-1994, BUYUKOGULLARI IND. TRA. INC. CO. continued its business life by renaming as GUNEY ORMAN URUNLERI IND. TRA. INC. CO. and starting to manufacture and sell chipboard and mdf products. Company continued its activities by opening its first branch office in Dudullu district of Umraniye province in 1996. Making new investments in 2001, company opened its second branch office in Ikitelli Keresteciler Industial Zone. In 2006 company started its exporting works and realized its first export to Turkmenistan. In 2006 company started its sales on hardware in its branch office in Sultanciftligi. In 2007 company took the dealership of Siemens & Philips and started to sale white goods, built-in products and durable consumer products. Afterwards company signed out from this dealership. In 2011 company opened a new branch office in Kucukkoy. Company started to engage in cutting and sizing industry with this new branch office. In 2013 central office was selected as Kucukkoy and office which engages in hardware, was relocated in this office. In 2013 company opened 2 cutting and sizing branch offices, one of them in Ikitelli Keresteciler Zone and tyhe other one in Sherifali district of Dudullu. Ikitelli cutting and sizing office works under the name of Olcu. Company now continues its business life with its central office in Kucukkoy and branch offices in Sultangazi, Dudullu, Sherifali, Ikitelli.

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